Revolution Machine consists of Mike Buckmaster, Steve Mullican and Dave Eskridge. Our influences are Alice in Chains, Black Label Society, Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, Van Halen and so much more. This album was two and a half years in the making, with creation of some songs dating back to the 80's.

Mike and Steve met five years ago through social media and their brotherhood was instantaneous. Mike's dreams and musical influences mirrored Steve's and they set out to make it happen. Ironically, Mike and Dave grew up in the same area and knew each other, but Mike had no idea the magic Dave performs with drums until Steve introduced the two a short time later. The musical chemistry of the trio creates the driving sound behind Revolution Machine.

Through perseverance and straight up determination and a love for writing and performing music, they fought through challenges, financial and otherwise and pushed to make Revolution Machine, Chapter 1 happen.

Chapter 1 was released in mid-2014.

Mike Buckmaster: Mike Buckmaster was born in Austin, Texas in 1971. Mike’s uncle took note at the wonder and awe 9-year old Mike showed with the dynamic in his own band, and gave Mike his first guitar. Mike was hooked and from that day forward and he pursued his ambition to become a professional musician, mastering the guitar, bass and drums.

Mike went through a few bands over the years, never content with the musical concepts of the other musicians. That was until he met Steve Mullican and Dave Eskridge. The trio had the musical chemistry Mike had been seeking as well as the same idea: Write our own music and show the world. Revolution Machine is that concept. 

Dave Eskridge: Dave Eskridge was born in 1970 in Northwest Indiana. At the ripe age of 10, he received his first drum kit. Growing up during the early days of hard rock and heavy metal, Dave was naturally influenced by those that are now rock and metal legends. He’s played in many bands and has been featured on original studio projects. 

Dave found his home with Mike Buckmaster and Steve Mullican when they formed Revolution Machine. He has developed a unique style derived from many years of experimentation and practice.

Steve Mullican, Jr.: Steve Mullican, Jr. was born in Northwest Indiana in 1970. His mother sang gospel frequently and young Steve found himself following her lead. By age six, Steve would sing Elvis songs in the barber shop and was quickly coined “The Boy with The Golden Voice” by the patrons.

He bought his first guitar at the age of 14 and never put it down. He was heavily influenced by Ozzy, Van Halen and Led Zeppelin. Steve was the lead singer of Myth and the band was starting to see success after the release of their CD earning radio play on several Chicagoland stations until tragedy struck the band which then dismembered. 

He’s sang for a few popular cover bands, and was featured on a few studio projects, but was never content until he met Mike Buckmaster one day on Myspace. He immediately introduced Mike to Dave Eskridge and they formed Revolution Machine. With the guitar in his hands and the mic before him, the musical chemistry of Revolution Machine is what Steve had been longing for.

Sep 5

Big Shtos - South Haven, IN

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Big Shtos - South Haven, IN

Opening for Texas Hippie Coalition

Nov 5 

Opening for: Black Stone Chery